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The CV…The ‘How to’ guide to your CV

One of the harshest realities about the world of recruitment is that when faced with a CV, a typical recruitment consultant or HR manager will make a judgement call within a matter of seconds. You may have spent hours creating what you feel is the perfect CV and then within no time at all, it gets discarded and put on the rejected pile straight away.

With this in mind please check out some of our previously themed articles that we have collated in one handy place for you to take a look through….As job applications and cover letters are also closely related to the good old fashioned resume and common best practices, we have added these here too.

The Best Words to Use in your CV

Top CV Mistakes You Should Avoid….

Top CV Tips for Older Jobseekers

How to write a CV – some top-tips on what your CV really says about you…

The CV – Your Shop Window

How to write a Cover Letter – TheEmployable Top Tips

Top Tips for Completing Application Forms

We hope this asssortment of CV related articles helps you out along the way and good luck on your job search going forward! Hail the Employable!

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  1. […] to a recruitment agency with a half-baked attempt at a CV, or a few scribbles on a piece of paper (We have plenty of articles on writing CV’s) don’t expect to get very far if you don’t take this part of the recruitment process […]

  2. […] there are a host of excellent articles right here on TheEmployable which could help you craft and prepare a quality CV. Don’t leave it to the 11th hour – get working on it […]

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