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What Are Employers Looking For In You?

Are you looking for a new job? Have you been out of the job market process for a while and aren’t sure what potential employers are now looking for? Of course, depending on what the job role is, all employers will be looking for something a little bit different, however, there are some traits that all employers will be looking for in their current and future employees. A fantastic employee will have certain characteristics that will help you stand out from the crowd and be even more attractive to employers. Here, we are taking you through the top characteristics that top headhunters and employers will be looking for in you which you should keep in mind when applying for future job roles.


One of the main characteristics that employers will be looking for when they are hiring new staff is dependability. This characteristic may even just be at the top of the list! So, how can you show dependability? Well, you need to take personal ownership for all aspects of the job and this also includes dressing in a particular way, being professional in the workplace, being committed to the job and being on time. A dependable employee will set clear expectations for everyone else too, which is why they are so valued by employers.


The second characteristic that employers are looking for is for members of staff to be self-motivated. Part of the role of a manager is to motivate the team and so when employers spot someone who is self-motivated then this will help to make you stand out from the crowd. Having an employee who has an inner drive versus those who need constant guidance make a huge difference in the office.

Positive Representation

When you provide a CV or head off to a job interview, employers will be assessing you on how well you will be able to represent their brand. So, you will need to show that you are someone who can enhance their organisation and that you have a solid reputation both in and out of the office. A fantastic employee will know what is appropriate for the workplace and outside, and will now hot to effectively balance the two.

Rise to the Occasion

When recruiters and employers are searching for a new candidate, they will be looking for someone who demonstrates that they will be able to rise to the occasion and simply get the job done. If you are the type of person who will make sure that a job is done in spite of any obstacles put in your path, then you will be exactly what employers and recruiters are looking for. You should be able to problem solve and think on your feet to overcome any challenge.


Depending on what industry you are applying for jobs in, a trait that many recruiters and employers will be looking for is whether or not you are flexible. Will you be able to react quickly to changing business conditions? Employers need to know that their staff will be on hand to help the business get through the very busy times.

Be A Team Player

While an employer will want you to be self-motivated and to have the drive to do tasks by yourself, it is also equally as important that you are seen to be a great team player. It should never be down to just one individual to achieve greatness in an organisation. As a future employee, you should be able to show that you are not only able to highlight your own successes but that you can also praise others for their achievements too.

Positive Attitude

Finally, the last trait that many head hunters and employers are looking for in you is that you have a positive, can-do attitude. A great employee will be able to keep a positive attitude even when there are difficult situations happening in your work place. You should be able to tackle projects of any size head on and can promote fantastic team spirit and morale in the workplace. Not only that, when you are applying for a job role, they will want to see that you are someone who will fit in easily with the team dynamic and will be a pleasure to be around, rather than someone who is going to bring tension and negativity to the workplace.

If you are looking for a new job role, make sure you take into account each of these points as these are the traits that will help you to stand out from the crowd and that will be very attractive to future employers.


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