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5 Things That You Should Be Certain About Before You Start Your Own Manufacturing Business

Although you have likely worked within the manufacturing sector before you start your own business, you need to understand that there is likely to be a major difference between being an employee and becoming an employer.

There is a laundry list of things you need to do and have knowledge of (or at least have those that are highly experienced and qualified in a position to advise you) when you require their assistance in some key areas.

1. Health and Safety at Work

It is your responsibility to make sure that your employees have a safe place to work. It is good business to supply your workforce with any PPE (personal protective equipment) that they may require when carrying out their working roles. This can be anything from high-viz clothing to breathing aids, depending on what they are doing for you and what they are likely to encounter. You should also abide by strict fire regulations to keep your employees as safe as possible should a fire break out.

2. Acceptable Working Hours

Although you may find that you have employees that want to work all the time, either because they enjoy their job or more likely for the money, you should, for their health, limit the number of hours they can work within any 24 hours. Overly tired or stressed workers are more prone to make mistakes which, in turn, are likely to not only damage your business by way of quality and reputation, but also cause accidents that could cause health issues for everyone in your workplace, including you.

3. Employee Rights

It is important that you fully understand the rights that your employees have, as well as the rights that you have as an employer. This is never more apparent than in respect of paying wages and any overtime accrued. Having a legal team to advise you on areas such as the difference between a willful violation and an ordinary violation, is a must to make sure that your pay practices stay within the statute of limitation of the FLSA.

4. Machine Maintenance

Machine maintenance and servicing will need to take place regularly. This will not only prolong the lifespan of any machinery, but it will also keep productivity and quality high. You may initially think that your business could save a bit of money by reducing the number of maintenance call-outs over a year, but in the long term, this approach will cost your business money in lost production time due to unplanned downtime. 

5. Site, Personnel, and Data Security

You will also need to address the matter of on-site security for your personnel, equipment, and any data that you hold within your business. Keeping your workers safe is not just about when they are in your buildings, but also when they are in your parking lot. Cybersecurity is a large area that needs to be tackled by those that know what they are doing, so if your business is not going to have its own IT department for this, then outsourcing is the next best thing. A Cyber breach is at best an inconvenience, but at its worst, it could end up costing you money and closing your business for good.



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