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An Actual Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business

There are some posts out there on the web that purport to teach you how to start your own business, but too many of them use jargon that a true-blue beginner couldn’t ever guess. The truth is that most small businesses are started and owned by those who already have business leadership experience, either by […]

Post Graduation options – taking a GAP year…

Post Graduation options – taking a GAP year… One of the obvious alternatives to finding immediate employment after University is the GAP year. Apparently the “year out” or GAP year first became a popular option in the UK in the 1960’s (what a surprise!), However, take away the image of loads of middle class Grads […]

5 Ways that Volunteer Work can Enhance your Employability

Many people look at Volunteering as a way for them to help other people and whilst this is of course true, by undertaking voluntary work, you can actually help yourself a lot too – it can improve your overall employability no end. Here are 5 Ways that Volunteer Work can Enhance your Employability. Networking One […]

Fashion in the workplace

We all like to look our best, whatever the occasion, but sometimes fashion seems to be excluded from certain environments. Take the workplace for example. Depending on the industry you’re employed in you may be required to wear a uniform or abide by a strict dress code. Whatever the case, finding a way to stand […]

Job References – Basic Tips

On most CVs these days, one of the most common phrases to see is ‘References Available Upon Request’. It’s pretty standard practice now not to provide full details of your job references from the off. At least that way, if you are still employed, there is no chance of a potential new employer contacting your […]

Turning Photography And Design Into A Career

Do you love to take pictures? Do you love to create artwork and designing things? Can you talk for hours about the values of one font versus another font? Have you thought about taking these passions and turning them into a career? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here’s how to do it. […]

Getting Back Into the Workforce After Workplace Injury

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, 4.7 million Americans are injured at work every year, with more than a quarter of injuries occurring within the first year of employment. So, what happens if you experience an injury that causes you to be absent for a long period of time?  Many workers have to seek compensation […]

Small business accounting: 5 steps to get your startup on track 

Setting up your own business should be an exciting process. You’ve read our guide on the key do’s and don’ts, you’ve thought about your stock, as well as where you’re going to sell and how to manage yourself and your time. However, you may still feel a little daunted about the accounting side of things, […]

How to Create Top Application Documents for Your First Job After Graduation

When you’ve just graduated from university or completed other studies and are ready to find your first main, full-time job, it can be quite daunting trying to work out how best to go about applying for roles. With no doubt, there’s a lot of competition to go up against, and it’s vital to take the […]

5 ways to use Recruitment Agencies in your Job Search

Love them or loathe them, recruitment agencies still play an important role in the employment sector and if you are a jobseeker, they certainly shouldn’t be dismissed. Whilst the recruitment sector itself often comes in for a lot of criticism, there are still many professional recruiters out there who may be able to give you […]


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