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Foreign Exchange: Is it a Good Choice of Career?

If you are someone who enjoys statistics and is good with numbers, or just enjoys financial markets in general, a career in the forex market might be for you. There are a number of aspects of the forex market that attract many investors. For example, it is a 24/7 market that never stops. This is […]

How to Rethink your Job Search

How to Rethink your Job Search When you have been out of work for a while and your efforts at getting a job seem to be getting you nowhere, it is completely understandable to feel completely disillusioned and frustrated. You may feel that applying for jobs is a waste of time if your applications are […]

What can you do with a teaching degree?

Whether you’re completing your final exams, or you’ve recently celebrated your graduation, the likelihood is that you’ll be considering your next step.  While its no secret that the newly qualified find the first year particularly challenging, a teaching degree opens many doors. You’ll have gained a great deal of skills during your time at university, […]

4 Top Reasons Why A Good Night’s Sleep Will Help With Business Management

‘Money never sleeps’ – an old saying made popular again by a relatively new movie. What it basically means is that business never stops, that money is being made 24/7. For a long time, such a mentality resulted in the spread of a workplace culture that glorified long hours. Going home at the correct time […]

Top skills you need to have a career in health and safety

Top skills you need to have a career in health and safety A career in health and safety involves implementing and monitoring the strategy behind a safe working environment. Depending on your specialism, you may be working on anything from environmental issues to fire safety, to occupational health. To be able to succeed in your […]

Public Administration: Working for Equality, Justice and Efficiency

When a politician wins his election, the suggestions and ideas for improving conditions in his city, state or country which he made throughout the campaign cannot possibly be put into action without the dedicated work of public servants. Unlike the politician, these public servants are unelected to their positions and in most cases will be […]

Using Social Media in a Job Search, 2016 to-do List.

Using Social Media for your Job Search. Our to-do list to start 2016. Now the end of the year is upon us (or Happy 2016 if  you’re reading this and the New Year has already arrived!) you might just be in the process of considering if and how a new job or change of career could […]

Top tips for putting structure in your job search

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while or if you’ve only started your job search, one important thing to remember is that you can’t leave it to chance. Yes, we may have all heard stories of people who just randomly get offered jobs or who by chance come across the perfect job […]

Giving Readers a Real Reason to Open All Sent Emails

People know that giving businesses and marketers permission and, ultimately, access to their inboxes, is vital. With a hefty sized email list, internet marketers can be sure that their message is getting across. Incentives can get web surfers to sign up but in order to get people to open, read, and respond, each email preheader […]

Where could your degree take you?

Whether you are coming to the end of your three years of study or are still at high school or college and only just choosing which university to go to, you want to have an idea of where your degree could take you. It’s possible that you are considering embarking on a degree because the […]


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