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Foreign Exchange: Is it a Good Choice of Career?

If you are someone who enjoys statistics and is good with numbers, or just enjoys financial markets in general, a career in the forex market might be for you. There are a number of aspects of the forex market that attract many investors. For example, it is a 24/7 market that never stops. This is […]

Top skills you need to have a career in health and safety

Top skills you need to have a career in health and safety A career in health and safety involves implementing and monitoring the strategy behind a safe working environment. Depending on your specialism, you may be working on anything from environmental issues to fire safety, to occupational health. To be able to succeed in your […]

Using Social Media in a Job Search, 2016 to-do List.

Using Social Media for your Job Search. Our to-do list to start 2016. Now the end of the year is upon us (or Happy 2016 if  you’re reading this and the New Year has already arrived!) you might just be in the process of considering if and how a new job or change of career could […]

Top tips for putting structure in your job search

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while or if you’ve only started your job search, one important thing to remember is that you can’t leave it to chance. Yes, we may have all heard stories of people who just randomly get offered jobs or who by chance come across the perfect job […]

Job Searching over Christmas – Top Tips

If someone has been job searching during 2012 without success, chances are a new job is what they would most prefer to have in their stocking come Christmas morning, rather than the latest smartphone or designer bag. Of course, we all know that no matter how many letters they may write to Santa, this is […]

5 Ways to use Social Media to find a Job

There can be no denying that social media and networking has had an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives and that includes searching for a job. Traditional job search methods like newspaper ads, recruitment agencies and the like still count too of course but they ought to be used in conjunction with other things. […]

Old School Job Search Tips

‘Old School’ Job Search Tips Looking for a job is never an easy task, although at the current time, we all do have a lot more tools at our disposal than we once had – from innovative job boards to job search apps. Admittedly, technology is important in a job search, but so too are […]

Temp job solutions in Credit Control

Looking for work can be a very frustrating task, particularly in the current economic climate. If your search for full-time employment has hit a dead end, it could be time to start considering temping as a serious option. Don’t be put off by the short-term nature of temping work. Not only is it a recognised […]

Key Facts for First Time Job Seekers

So it’s time to enter the world of work; you are feeling excited, apprehensive, motivated and hopeful, all at once. Everyone has been in this position before; even the most successful people in the world, all began their employment journeys, in a position not far from where you are now, and they probably felt much […]

How to become a beach lifeguard

How to become a beach lifeguard? Contrary to what a certain nineties American cult TV series may have informed you, being a beach lifeguard isn’t all about standing around gossiping, pouting your lips and running in slow motion (well at least not in the UK that is). The importance of beach lifeguards in ensuring the […]


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