**book** “Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate


“Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate

A “few” years ago now, I was a graduate – keen to embark on a professional career and get my first step on the ladder. I was doing the usual, applying for jobs, sending out CVs, filling in forms, hoping for that interview where I would prove that I was indeed the best candidate for the job. At the time, I read an article about a book called Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate. Intrigued and impressed by the title alone, I bought it.

I read it cover to cover and was able to put it to practical use within a few weeks when I managed to secure an interview for a trainee management role with a leading retailer. I got the job and although I cannot wholly say it was down entirely to the advice therein I do feel that it certainly played a massive part.

In the years that followed, I found myself using the book again when applying for other jobs and doing interview prep, I recommended it to friends and family – lent it out and on occasion even bought more copies to give to people who were job searching, preparing for interview etc.This month marks the release of the 8th edition of the book and although I have not yet seen the latest version – I cannot recommend highly enough that you get your hands on a copy.

This book is essential reading no matter what stage of your “employable” life you are at – should you be a graduate with minimal work experience, or an executive job searching for the first time in years.
We all know that in the current climate, it can prove tougher than ever to get a job , competition is fierce – that is why it is more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to secure an interview and to get that job.

The book is split into 4 distinct sections :

The Well Stocked Briefcase
This section will help you build your CV, identify your key skills and competencies and provide advice on ensuring that your application stands out.
Getting to Square One
This section covers the practicalities of the job search itself and gives guidelines on speculative applications and techniques in finding those elusive jobs which aren’t advertised.
Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
This section not only gives detailed examples of commonly asked interview questions and suggested answers but more importantly, a detailed rationale on why the interviewer is actually asking that question. The author provides advice on how you can adapt and customize his suggested answers to your own experience and circumstances.
Finishing touches
The final section deals with some post interview guidelines – from doing follow up calls to the interviewer through to practical tips on negotiating job offers.

This book is extremely well structured, easy to read and as relevant to a new job seeker as it is to a seasoned professional. I believe though that where this book really succeeds, is in giving you an insight into what employers are actually looking for when they ask certain questions at interview. Preparing for and understanding this actually means that you are in a sense regaining control of the interview – if you know exactly what they are looking for, you can tailor your answers accordingly. So, whether you are a novice interviewee, or you are more used to sitting at the other side of the table and being the interviewer, this book will benefit you.

Although this year marks some 25 years since it was first published, this book remains the best selling job hunting book of all time – no mean feat when one considers the abundance of jobs and careers books that are on the market. I cannot recommend it highly enough .

A great read and a great help. 10/10


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