Help! I want to start a business startup!

Help! I want to start a business startup!

Open any newspaper these days and you are likely to be bombarded with gloom and doom type stories – telling of redundancies, the double dip recession, the so called “lost generation” of graduates and the ever increasing unemployment figures.
There are probably a few more positive stories in there too ; it’s just that they tend to get lost in the midst – somewhere on a small column on Page 23 perhaps, rather than the sensational front page. We hear more about businesses closing than we do businesses opening.
But the reality is that businesses are still opening ; startups are still being created and just because we are in, shall we say, less than favourable economic times, it doesn’t mean that we all have to stop and wait until things appear better.

Here are a few organisations, initiatives and projects which all serve the same purpose – to help people get things going , to give positive guidance, support and direction – you never know – one of these might just provide the helping hand for you to make your own good news story.

Over 50?

PRIME – the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise, helps people over the age of 50 set up their own businesses. It offers free advice, information, workshops and networking events. Check out prime.org.uk for more details.

Ex Serviceman / woman?

Heropreneurs was set up in order to encourage ex Servicemen and women start their own businesses. It provides funding , business support including mentoring, legal and financial advice.
More details of this initiative can be found at www.heropreneurs.co.uk .


Women Unlimited was established in order to provide inspiration, motivation and education to female entrepreneurs. They are aiming to be a catalyst for change and want to double the numbers of female entrepreneurs in the UK over the next 20 years. Further information can be found at www.women-unlimited.co.uk .

Under 30?

For over 25 years, the Prince’s Trust has been helping young people between 18 – 30 with the support and funding to enable them to set up their own businesses. Eligibility criteria and details of their Enterprise Programme can be found at www.princes-trust.org.uk .

We have of course not created a definitive list here – we have simply highlighted a few of the resources currently out there that may just give you the helping hand you need. Feel free to add your own recommendations to the list – use the comments section . We want to hear your thoughts on these and on others!


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