Top 5 sites for startup creation

Here’s an idea…….Top 5 sites for startup creation

So you’ve decided you want to be your own boss. You want to start your own business. 
You might already have a concept, an idea, a business model and therefore it is simply a matter of doing your research and then getting on with creating a business plan and seeing where it takes you. But what if you don’t have an idea or a concept? It doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t create a startup. Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration. To help, we have highlighted our Top 5 sites which we hope will bring that inspiration to you – to stimulate your imagination and get you thinking and hopefully creating………..
1. Springwise
Since 2002, Springwise has been one of the best sources of innovative business ideas and concepts. It has built up a network of 15,000Springspottersbased in over 150 countries who basically look out for new, creative or even quirky business ideas and trends in their country. The best ideas are then collated into a free daily and weekly newsletter, available for free by subscription.

2. Trendhunter
Trendhunter claims to be a “source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious. “ And it is just that. The site is updated daily, listing the latest micro trends which it claims will be the next big thing.

Emerging ideas and trends form the basis of this site, which began life back in 2004 as a blog.
With a monthly readership of over 1million, this site is an excellent resource for someone looking for innovative ideas from within the design, digital, marketing, media and technology industries in particular.

4. Trendwatching
As its’ name would suggest, this site, (the sister site of Springwise), scans the globe, looking for the most popular consumer trends and business ideas. Again it relies on an international network of trendspotters. This site is an invaluable resource for anyone looking at creating something new, as it gives excellent insight into predicted consumer behaviour, and thereby will help you guage how likely your idea will be to responded to . It is not only an excellent source of inspiration for a fledgling entrepreneur, but is a source for ongoing inspiration for any business owner.

5. Entrepreneur
This US based magazine also publishes a blog which as well as comprising practical information about starting a business, also has a Business Ideas Centre section, boasting a list of 999 businesses that “could be started today”. Whilst the content is not perhaps as innovative as the aforementioned sites, it’s important to remember that a new business doesn’t always have to mean doing something new, it can mean simply doing something better…

So if you need to completely unlock your creativity, or simply need a bit of added inspiration, then start checking out these sites – you never know where it might lead you…


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