Startup of the Week – Sweat Shop Paris

Startup of the Week – Sweat Shop Paris

At TheEmployable, we love hearing about innovation and ideas and all things different. 
We have decided to introduce a feature where each week we highlight an idea or a product or even just a concept that catches our eye and that we think epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit.Today’s featured idea is “ Sweat Shop Paris”.

We are all of course very familiar now with the the “ internet café “ concept where people grab a coffee, have a chat and of course check their emails. However, people have other interests apart from technology and it is this which inspired Sissi Holleis and Martina Duss to create a café with a difference.Rather than having a computer at your disposal, visitors to the café have a sewing machine.
These can be rented by the hour, meaning people can pop in whenever best suits them. The café also runs sewing workshops to teach novices all they need to know.
Users do everything from mending a pair of jeans through to making and designing their very own couture piece – exactly what you would expect in the fashion capital of the world.
The cafe interior is filled with 1960’s school desks, traditional Singer sewing machines , a central worktable and of course the obligatory supply of coffee and cakes!The owners have capitalized on the ever increasing interest in traditional crafts, the economically induced trend for frugality and of course the fact that fewer people these days actually own or can even use a sewing machine.
With a “Less Buying…More Trying “ philosophy, the owners have successfully created a very niche business, but one which could easily be replicated in any city.
In fact, they recently replicated the idea in the UK when they created a Pop Up Shop within Selfridges during London Fashion Week.Whether or not this is an idea that gets rolled out everywhere remains to be seen. However for combining innovation with tradition, we think it is sew good !

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