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Temp Employment…the advantages and disadvantages of temp jobs

Having been in the position of working in temp employment and also working in recruitment as both a Recruitment Consultant and a Business Manager for an employment agency, I am in a good position to judge the advantages and disadvantages of temp employment. Temp employment can be anything from one day through to a few […]

The advantages and disadvantages of the networking meetup

The advantages and disadvantages of the networking meetup… The Chamber of Commerce. Breakfast clubs. Speed Networking. The handshakes. The smiles. The small talk….I for one, am not the best fan of the networking groups or meetups that you are ‘encouraged’ to go to as part of your job. But some people must love them, as […]

Internships – the Advantages and Disadvantages

Internships – over the last twelve months, the word ‘internship’ seems to have gotten some mighty bad press…. It’s also not easy being a graduate right now. Even in the last week there have been three damning news reports that paint a not too bright future for the UK employment market in general and graduates […]

Working for a Startup- The Advantages

The advantages of working for a startup When embarking upon a job search, the majority of folks plan to make well established, well known and well respected businesses the focus of their attention. Of course this is a tried and tested method and carries significant benefits. Large companies will often have a number of vacancies […]

Reasons why you should use a Recruitment Agency

Reasons why you should use a Recruitment Agency… Despite their faults, and yes there can be a few (!!), recruitment agencies can actually do great things for your job search and job success. Therefore, take off your blinkers and put aside your past experiences for a moment, and check out the reasons we have listed […]

10 Reasons why you should work for yourself…

Why you should work for yourself… Now I am officially self employed, I am qualified to tell everyone else what they are missing out on, continuing to work for the ‘man’. However, don’t shout it about it too loudly, we don’t want everyone else to catch on to our little secret! Check out my 10 […]


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