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Top 5 Apps for your Job Search

We all know that it can be pretty tough to try and get a job at the moment. With many companies still not actively recruiting and with increased numbers of people applying for very position that does actually get advertised, to say it can be challenging is an understatement. Therefore if you are currently actively […]

Startup of the Week – Hubbl

Startup of the Week – Hubbl If you’re one of the millions who now can’t bear to be apart from your smartphone, chances are you spend quite a bit of time using apps – whether it’s for your social media activities or to play the latest addictive game. The thing is though that finding the […]

Business App-titude…

The internet has transformed the way we live work and play in the last twenty years and the latest developments continue at a startling pace.  For businesses, the online world is a great tool but for small businesses staying abreast of the changes can be a little dizzying!  The app has made its appearance in […]

Startup Of The Week – Apptopia

There can’t be too many people out there who were not in shock, awe, or amazement when Facebook recently announced that they had acquired Instagram, the photo-sharing smartphone app for $1billion.  Apps are big business and whilst it may be every app developer’s dream to make their fortune in the manner that the Instagram founders […]


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