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Five Ways to Relaunch Your Personal Brand

There are many reasons to consider a professional rebrand. It can position you as an expert in your niche or sector or help you reach your professional goals. A rebrand can also help you to stand out from the crowd and to re-engage with your audience. Whatever your motivation, if it’s time to give your […]


How to build your personal brand online

Building and maintaining a personal brand online is important, especially in your professional life. Your personal brand is a combination of your reputation and people’s perceptions of you. You can directly influence how you are perceived by paying close attention to how you behave and interact online. So how do you influence your online brand? […]

4 ways to boost your brand’s online presence

Improving your brand’s online presence is a multi-pronged approach that takes strategy, patience and effort. Whatever your business, online presence has now long been an essential consideration. For those providing particularly specialist services it may be of even higher importance – delivering opportunities to reach customers far afield who need what you uniquely provide. Online […]

‘There’s wisdom in the Wool’ – TheEmployable talks to Katie Mowat, Founder of Knitwear Co. Grannies Inc.

Many of us have a dream of turning a hobby into a business. Katie Mowat, founder of Grannies Inc, has done just that by turning an interest in knitting  into a full-time business. However the real coup was not so much the quality knitwear products, or even the bespoke knitwear you can design, but the […]


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