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Startup of the Week – ChocCards

Startup of the Week – ChocCards It may have slipped your attention, but this week is actually National Chocolate Week. Yep! A whole week devoted to the celebration of all things chocolate-y. In honour of that, we thought then that it would be pretty sweet (sorry!) to choose a Chocolate business as our business Startup […]

Starting a Business – some basic thoughts…

Starting a Business – some basic thoughts… Previously we had written a article on some basic thoughts and tips on Starting a Business.This video presentation is a visual representation of this article. It is probably very easy to get swept along with the current trend of becoming “an entrepreneur”. As the UK Prime Minister announced […]

Startup Of The Week – Timehop

Business Startup of the Week… If you have ever had a bit of a clearout and found an old diary or notebook, you’ll no doubt have spent a bit of time looking through your entries and reminiscing, laughing, cringing or perhaps even simply having a think about events now past which were at the time […]

Startup of the Week – mmMule

Business Startup of the Week… We’ve all probably had one of those conversations. A friend or family member is off on their travels and they ask us if we would like them to bring us anything back. Whether it’s perfume from France or chocolate from Switzerland, we love getting our favourite things, don’t we? But to […]

Startup of the Week – Pubslush

This weeks business startup… As the saying goes, there is “wisdom in the crowd”. A true statement indeed and one which has no doubt helped to contribute to the rise in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms which we have all seen over the last few years. What such platforms all have in common of course is […]

Startup of the Week – Evinar

At the Employable we love highlighting new business startups… As anyone who is responsible for organizing events will tell you, getting people to attend is often the biggest task of all. However if people were able to attend an event from the comfort of their own living rooms, wouldn’t it be a much easier task? […]

Startup Of The Week – Beeminder

This weeks business startup…. Whether it’s trying to eat more healthily, actually use that gym subscription we paid for or even simply getting on with work and staying off those addictive social networks, we all have resolutions and aims that generally most of us don’t stick to. We may set out with the best intentions […]

Startup of the Week – myMzone

This weeks business startup… Since the Middle Ages, London has had a long tradition of having vibrant and colourful street markets. To this day, they remain a massive draw for both locals and tourists alike. However as much as the range of goods on display may be tempting, actually buying them is a much easier option […]

Startup of the Week – Fundable

This week’s business startup… For anybody starting a new business, money is one of the first things that has to be considered. And as we all know, getting that money from the more traditional sources, like banks is just not that easy any more. Would-be entrepreneurs find themselves exploring all sorts of avenues to finance […]

Startup Of The Week – eWorky

This weeks business startup… If you have ever worked from home, you will no doubt appreciate just how difficult it can be at times. The initial concept may appeal, but then the reality of not having a real workspace and all the home distractions set in and you start yearning to work somewhere else. This […]


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