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Deciphering office jargon: What your colleagues really think

Do you love to think outside the box to really move the needle? Chances are you are either guilty of office speak or know someone in the workplace who does. When you’re new to an office environment, it can sometimes feel like a new world, though those who are a little more used to the […]

Questions You Should Answer Before Starting Your Own Call Centre

  Would you like to set up your own call centre business? Call centre services are in high-demand, so this could be an extremely profitable industry to enter into. However, you need to have your wits about you and ask yourself some important questions before you start this type of business. Below are some of […]

Why Wait? Companies Founded by Those Still Studying

You might think that university is a time to study, meet new people, and enjoy the last remaining years before joining the busy working world. However, there are thousands of young, driven individuals who see this time as a launch pad to a successful entrepreneurial career. Granted, your time is limited by various obligations, but […]

As A Startup, Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes?

While you may have launched a powerful new product that promises to change the market, you will not get far if you make these three common mistakes. First, your business has not bought enough brain power. Second, your business does not have enough social capital. Third, your business does not have enough knowledge and skills. While it doesn’t […]

Tangible Incentives to Attract Top Employees

An EdAssist survey found that 66 percent of millennials would accept employer assistance with repaying student loans instead of regular pay raises. To help employers meet workers’ desire for loan assistance, Boston-based startup Gradafi has created a Student Loan Paydown Plan that companies can offer their employees. So far about 100 companies have signed up […]

Employee Time and Talent Wasted By Systematic Inefficiencies

How much of your time and talent is wasted at work due to systemic inefficiencies?   We imagine it’s something that most people wonder on a regular basis but have little or no control over. Access Group has recently released a report which apparently sheds some light on the scale of the problem within British […]

3 Tips to Keeping Your Business Operating Costs Low

A business that is costly to operate ends up being a liability instead of an asset. Essentially making cost effective decisions as it pertains to the operations of your small business are critical to its overall success. As you may or may not be aware, many businesses struggle financially during the first few years of […]

Why Startup Businesses Should Make an Effort to Attend Industry Conferences

The key focuses of every startup should be promoting brand awareness, developing their products and services, and attracting the attention of potential investors and business partners. Fortunately, achieving those goals isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be, with internet forums, crowdfunding platforms, social networks, and conference events providing ideal venues and growth opportunities […]

10 Ways to be Self Employed From Home

Did you know that entrepreneurship and self employment in the UK are at their highest rate ever?    Well they are! 2015 figures are yet to be released, but in 2014 UK entrepreneurship reached the highest levels in history, with more businesses being created in that year than ever before. Over the course of 2014, […]

Effective employee engagement doubles annual net profits

For many businesses, employee engagement is too often seen as ‘non-essential’ –. But this should not be the case according to recruitment agency, Pure, who recently took a wider look at the impact employee engagement can have on businesses big and small. It’s clear that, in the current economic climate – with companies still remaining […]


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