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Is your building really fit for business? Custom constructions to improve your workplace

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting the right premises for your business. You need somewhere that is affordable, comes with all the right amenities and is in the best location – whether that be to capture footfall of passing customers, to connect to transport links or to tap into a skilled […]

Five payroll mistakes your small business must avoid

Payroll problems can be a big headache for businesses. In the 2015/16 financial year, payroll errors cost UK employers more than £700 million. It’s thought that SMEs accounted for about half of the total cash collected – despite only being responsible for roughly a tenth of the UK payroll. So, how do you avoid a […]

5 Red Flags to Watch Out for in Prospective Tenants

Getting involved in real estate comes with its fair share of challenges, and those that rent out property are tasked with a variety of unique obstacles. One of the most important tasks assigned to landlords—both new and seasoned—is tenant screening. In a perfect world, landing the ideal tenant would be quick and easy. Reality isn’t […]

Global Goals: Is Your Company Ready to Expand?

Going global is not for the faint hearted. You’ll have heard how many businesses fail when they dare to venture overseas, with even hugely successful businesses misjudging their approach on foreign soil. However, for those that get it right, the pay-off is substantial. A brand new market, swathes of new customers, access to cheaper inputs […]

Excellent Tips to Help Increase Productivity Within Your Accounts Department

Is your accounts department falling behind when it comes to productivity? If it is, it could be due to several reasons other than employees not doing their jobs effectively. The accounts department works in conjunction with multiple other departments, so sometimes communication issues can be the cause of a lackluster accounts department. Consider the following […]

How to use social media marketing to grow your business

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, working for a start up company or a long term business owner, you will have heard by now about the power of social media to boost visibility online. Social media is now such a huge aspect of everyday life, that it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t use at […]

Deciphering office jargon: What your colleagues really think

Do you love to think outside the box to really move the needle? Chances are you are either guilty of office speak or know someone in the workplace who does. When you’re new to an office environment, it can sometimes feel like a new world, though those who are a little more used to the […]

Questions You Should Answer Before Starting Your Own Call Centre

  Would you like to set up your own call centre business? Call centre services are in high-demand, so this could be an extremely profitable industry to enter into. However, you need to have your wits about you and ask yourself some important questions before you start this type of business. Below are some of […]

Why Wait? Companies Founded by Those Still Studying

You might think that university is a time to study, meet new people, and enjoy the last remaining years before joining the busy working world. However, there are thousands of young, driven individuals who see this time as a launch pad to a successful entrepreneurial career. Granted, your time is limited by various obligations, but […]

As A Startup, Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes?

While you may have launched a powerful new product that promises to change the market, you will not get far if you make these three common mistakes. First, your business has not bought enough brain power. Second, your business does not have enough social capital. Third, your business does not have enough knowledge and skills. While it doesn’t […]


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