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Top Ways to keep Motivated with your Work / Life…

It’s the start of the week…..you drag yourself out of bed, you head downstairs and make double roasted, dripped to perfection coffee….but you are running late. You sip your coffee, rush for the door, rush for the train, and rush to work…. However much someone likes their job, the start of the week is always […]

How to become a pilot

To be clear from the off, we’re not talking about piloting an F-16 or steering the International Space station. At the sametime, we’re thinking a little bigger than a 1 seated Cessna 172. We are, after all, trying to get you employed. Piloting commercial aircraft today is a different job entirely to piloting planes forty […]

Skills Development: What You Need to Improve on Your Job Performance

According to a report by the World Bank, one-third of the working population residing in low and middle-income countries do not have the necessary skills required for quality jobs. Therefore, most of them aren’t able to exploit their potential fully. The situation doesn’t look like it is improving at any time. The labor market is […]

Are You Working Towards The Right Career? A guest post

The whole reason behind attending college is that your education will prepare you for a career that you will spend the better part of 20 years in. However, not every college student knows what career path is best for them. That is why it is very important for any future college student to use the […]


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