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Happy to Relocate, start a business and be on TV?

Back in January, we ran a feature on True North Productions, a successful UK TV Production company, were looking for ‘Families’ who fancied changing their lives and escaping the rat-race or people who are looking to start a businesses… Now after a succuessful pilot thier now named show “Compare Your Life” (a little cheesey perhaps) […]

New Channel 4 Series seeks unemployed jobseekers for TV show…

Optomen, a leading independent television production company are launching a new Channel 4 Series, with the intention of running an ‘Expert led Hotel’ to give unemployed people the opportunity to gain experience working with high-profile experts in a new hotel. One of the UK’s most well-known chefs will run the kitchen; a top, respected, customer […]

Battlefront is back – fighting against Youth Unemployment! Read here for job opportunites…

When TheEmployable blog set up last year we had many keen supporters. No more so than the Battlefront team that headed up the Ready4Work project, who happily spread TheEmployable word whenever they could…So its was really great to hear that Battlefront is back for 2012, and this year their fight against Youth Unemployment is back, […]

Have you an employment story to tell? Want to appear on a fly-on-the-wall documentary?

At TheEmployable we are always interested in hearing about TV programs or documentaries that give a realistic viewpoint of what life is really like (without the corporate spin or government self interest)… When TheEmployable were contacted by award winning TV production company, Two Four, about a landmark series they are planning for Channel4 about what […]


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