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Universal Jobmatch website – any good?

Universal Jobmatch website – any good?  The Diary of an employable blogaholic…  When TheEmployable heard that the Universal Jobmatch website would “revolutionise” the jobsearch for the unemployed we thought it was best to take a look and we were sorely disappointed… Revolutionary? Maybe 15 years ago…Here, we explain why… When Iain Duncan Smith announced the launch […]

Employed, Unemployed, Self Employed (Whatever)

Employed, Unemployed, Self Employed (Whatever) – Diary of an Employable Blogaholic Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the moment. Especially when you are caught up in the realities of unemployment and unemployment benefits. Apart from the actual reality that unemployment benefit makes up a small percentage of what the UK government pays […]

Jamie Fox and the reality of the pheasant chasing Graduate

Jamie Fox and the reality of the pheasant chasing Graduate – Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic A few weeks after university I returned home to the rural countryside of Suffolk – jobless and needing to earn a bit of cash. I think I had plans to stay in Suffolk for a few weeks and after […]

Wayne Hemingway – A Master of Class in Career Advice

Wayne Hemingway – A Master of Class in Career Advice – The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic  I had the pleasure of listening to Wayne Hemingway on Wednesday. He was performing  a Masterclass in Events and Festivals – a two-hour presentation to an interested audience – but I wish that I could have somehow bottled […]

How to work your ‘Work Life balance’ when Self Employed…Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Work Life. What does that mean? It is fine preaching about making sure that you find employment that compliments your personal life, but the reality is, that many of us, are at least partly controlled by the jobs that we have. Whether you are employed, self-employed, or unemployed, it is tough, practicing in reality, a […]

Why After Sales is as important as the Sale…Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Why After Sales is as important as the Sale… The weekend just gone I was travelling home from Stansted airport, in Essex. Stansted is probably around 1 hour max away from the Olympic village and will be a very busy airport during the biggest sporting event to hit UK soils since the 1966 Football World […]

Mary Portas (v) the commercial gravy train – The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic…

The tipping point perhaps…(Mary Portas take note) Yesterday I went to my ‘local’ national supermarket. This said supermarket is owned by a well known Tory Funder ( not that his political persuasion matters). Anyhow, this ‘local’ supermarket that I shop in, is placed on a prime piece of land, next to a river, that leads […]

Joey Barton – Saint or Sinner? The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Joey Barton is a pilloried character in the British press. You can argue that he has brought it all on himself, and you reap what you sow. However most of the time, rehabilitated character or not, the media just love a good ol’ Joey Barton moan. He is hated more by the media than anyone […]

How to be self employed – The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic…

How to be self employed? I have been in two minds how to address my new self employed situation in this blog. It is hard calling yourself ‘self employed’ if you are not initially making loads of hard cash! Your friends and family may naturally ask the question, “when are you going to start making […]

Being proud of being unemployed – Diary of a Employable Blogaholic

Being Proud of being unemployed. Last night was my ‘bi-annual’ trip to the bar! Maybe a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless, I am not a seasoned drinker. First round my brother-in-law bought, the second round, I returned the favour and passed the beers around to all concerned. “Cheers Cam” was politely returned until my brother-in-law jokingly […]


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