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Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – ‘Help Me Help you’

As I write this post it is the start of Social Media Week, a Global event that spans over 20 cities and around 1000 events… I will come back to this in a minute or so. I have now been ‘employable’ for around 7 months, and in that time myself and my ‘employable’ Co Founder […]

What do you do if you have Writers Block? Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

6am. Ahhhhhhhh. I have Writers Block. 6pm. Ahhhhhhhh. I have Writers Block. Every Bleedin Day.  I have ignored my Diary of an Employable Blogaholic for at least three weeks now because……because it pains me to say; Its a finger licking cliche – I have ‘Writers Block’… For someone who has never tired of writing, and in terms […]

Diary of an unemployed blogaholic – Love Mondays?

I tweeted this morning, “Monday again, never been busier!”  But how could this be? I no longer command a 9-5, I no longer have that feeling of dread on a Sunday evening, of the week ahead, I no longer need to rush out of the door at 08.08am, as 08.09am is too late… So what’s […]

Diary of an employable blogaholic

Entry 1. And so I begin….Today is my 32nd day of unemployment*. *I say unemployment, but in my mind I am still working and therefore my unemployment status does not count. Plus, there are such many negative connotations attached to the word “unemployed”. Therefore, I have decided to no longer use the word unemployed and will, from […]


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