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Temporary work: why it’s not as bad as it sounds

Despite the general consensus that employment figures are starting to rise again, the green shoots of recovery remain tentative – at least for the moment. Many people have had to turn to temporary work to make ends meet. People who are fresh to the job market straight out of education join those who have lost […]

Buyer Numbers Outweigh Sellers in the UK Property Market

The UK’s financial economy has experienced its peaks and troughs over recent years. After Brexit the future remained uncertain and threw much of the public into a state of turmoil surrounding the obscured vision for the future. Conditions of supply and demand throughout the UK are often considered as the creator of success across many […]

BBCQT, Unemployment and more Spin

BBCQT, Unemployed and more Spin – Diary of an employable blogaholic I feel like I’m always using this blog post to complain about spin. So apologies if again this week I do the same. One big moan. I watched #bbcqt last week, or for the non Twitter gang and old school out there, BBC’s question Time. […]

Innovation – UK and Ireland in the ‘World Innovative Top Ten’!

Innovation – UK and Ireland in the ‘World Innovative Top Ten’! Forgive me for one minute, while I take a deep breath. For I am not the best person to annouce this news, surely the UK and Irish political leaders should be doing this themselves? But type in Global Innovation Index 2012 into Google today […]

Ten Minutes with….James Reed – Chairman of Reed…

I had met with and spoken to James Reed a few times in the recent past. Having previously worked for Reed for nine years and then becoming redundant, it was not the easiest decision to contact his office to request an interview with the man himself. However, James Reed and the Reed brand are synonymous with […]

Drawing the Political Line – Daybreak decides to go political..

Adrian Chiles and Kate Garraway’s interviewing yesterday of the Chancellor George Osbourne, on ITV’s Daybreak, reeked of political point scoring. Throwing in comments about “Tory Cabinet Ministers not knowing and understanding about real fear about putting food on the table’ and how much a pint of milk costs, appeared irrelevant. I don’t think most people […]


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