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Dealing with discrimination when applying for a job

Securing the job you want is always difficult, particularly in the current economic climate where competition for places is high. That said, applicants should at the very least be able to expect a level playing field when being considered for a position, but sadly this is not always the case. The Equality Act 2010 seeks […]

Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace? Know Your Legal Rights

You have a legal right to work without facing discriminatory practices from your employer or colleagues, but having that right observed may not be easy. Taking on your employers, and all the resources at their disposal, may seem like an almost impossible task, but if you genuinely feel that you are being discriminated against in […]

Employment Law Changes 2015

With 2014 about to give way to 2015, it seems appropriate that we take a few moments to mull over some of the legislative changes in employment law that are to be ushered in, or will come into effect, over the months ahead. 2014 was a year of considerable change in employment law with the […]


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