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Champion of the Teenage Entrepreneur – TheEmployable speaks with Claire Young

Ever since her time as a finalist on The Apprentice, Claire Young has been working tirelessly at promoting enterprise and innovation amongst Britain’s young people. With initiatives like Girls Out Loud where she motivates and encourages teenage girls to make the most out of their lives and also School Speakers where she provides UK schools with […]

“Give us your Pitch” – Young Rewired State spread the code via crowdfunding…

Give us your Pitch is back! This week we feature a enterprising project with a key goal to help train and guide young kids and teenagers on how to teach themselves how to code. Young Rewired State runs in August 2012 and see below the pitch from Emma Mulqueeny on what YRS is all about and […]

‘Having Vision’ – Guest Blogger Dubem Menakaya talks up the forgotten quality….

‘They say anything’s possible, you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles’ – J Cole What are the qualities that make people successful? Hardwork? Perseverance? Passion? No doubt these are traits which are rightly attributed to successful people, like the young entrepreneurs featured on this site. However there is one quality which is often undervalued and […]

Interested in Enterprise? Find out more about the self start society

Interested in Enterprise? Startacus, the platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, self starters (call it what you like) was interviewed by Amaze Magazine recently, and the interview is now online to read! Anyone interested in enterprise, innovation, creativity, or just good old fashioned ‘thinking and doing’ can now take a look, to find out a little […]

Virgin Media Pioneers, turns 2 with UK Budget success to support young Entrepreneurs…

Virgin Media Pioneers, a community created by Virgin Media to support young entrepreneurs to make their ideas happen, has marked its second birthday by celebrating governmental impact with an announcement in this year’s Budget. Primarily an online resource for young entrepreneurs looking for support and inspiration, Virgin Media Pioneers combines networking opportunities, advice from guest entrepreneurs […]

Unihomeswap – a solution to the increasing costs of Uni? We talk to the Founders…

When I first heard of Unihomeswap, I was a little unsure as to whether as a Student I would have been interested in literally leaving my own family to go and live with another, when I headed off to Uni. First year University was all about that liberating feeling of freedom and decision-making; whether to […]

‘A Wheelie good idea’ – How one Startup with a passion for Bikes raised £40k in 6 days

Andrew Denham, a biking fanatic from Frome, Somerset, is the Director of The Bicycle Academy. That aside, Andrew managed to raise over £40k in just under 6 days, via the Crowd-funding site Peoplefund.it for his socially conscious bike building academy. How the money was raised so quickly, intrigued TheEmployable, so we contacted Andrew to find out the […]

From Redundancy to Self Employment – A Startup Success Story

Anybody who has ever heard the dreaded “ We are making you redundant” words, knows that fear of the future and what is going to happen next is the one thing that is paramount in your thoughts. Once the initial shock subsides though, one of the best things to do is to view the redundancy […]


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