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Think BIG by Dr. h. c. Harald Seiz – The Skill of Being an Entrepreneur

For anyone looking for a career who thinks that being an entrepreneur is an easier option than working for someone else, think again. There are advantages to having the freedom to unleash your passion on the world, but it’s hard work and there are plenty of low points to be experienced  alongside the high points. […]

Paid IRISH INTERN sought for Leading US VC firm

A leading international venture capital firm is seeking the services of an exceptional student / graduate from Ireland for a paid summer internship opportunity in Boston. Irish students and recent Graduates with a background or passion in Entrepreneurship, get all over this one! Polaris Partners has today opened a competition seeking an intern to work […]

10 Ways to be Self Employed From Home

Did you know that entrepreneurship and self employment in the UK are at their highest rate ever?    Well they are! 2015 figures are yet to be released, but in 2014 UK entrepreneurship reached the highest levels in history, with more businesses being created in that year than ever before. Over the course of 2014, […]

Richard Branson opens family home to nationwide search for top young entrepreneur…

Richard Branson opens family home to nationwide search for top young entrepreneur… Virgin Media Pioneers – a leading online community for young entrepreneurs – has launched a nationwide search to find the best budding business leaders, offering them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win start-up investment from Sir Richard Branson. Eight young entrepreneurs will be short-listed […]

A Garage, a Sauna and some Uni Students? The Aalto Venture Garage – putting the cool into startup schools…

Real innovation happens when you are not trying to be innovative. Real creativity happens when you don’t just copy the last ‘big thing’, you become the ‘next big thing’. Perhaps a rather idealist view, but when the Students of Aaltoes in Finland took it in their own hands to create an environment where creativity and […]

T-Shirts with a Social Heart? Entrepreneur Jon Penn of Goodfibres.com paints the picture…

T-Shirts designed by artists. Voted for by the online Community & the top designs get the chance to have their art-work made into real T-shirts and sold to the public…  With Creative Arts students finding it tough to find paid employment and not even choosing to study the Arts at University, maybe this could the […]

‘There’s wisdom in the Wool’ – TheEmployable talks to Katie Mowat, Founder of Knitwear Co. Grannies Inc.

Many of us have a dream of turning a hobby into a business. Katie Mowat, founder of Grannies Inc, has done just that by turning an interest in knitting  into a full-time business. However the real coup was not so much the quality knitwear products, or even the bespoke knitwear you can design, but the […]

‘Sitting on an idea’…An interview with Entrepreneur Grainne Kelly, Founder of inflatable booster seat, Bubblebum…

Land at airport. Wait…Collect bags. Paper work for car hire. Wait…Collect car. Booster seats x 2 at £7 per day x 2 = a pain in my wallet and a general pain in the ass…. I always wondered how car hire companies can justify the steep booster seat costs you are expected to pay when […]

Sparks ignites entrepreneurial spirit at the LSE

When we were asked to highlight the London School of Economics weekend entrepreneurship conference for 250 of the most ambitious students from around the world, we thought who better to tell us about the Conference itself than the President of Sparks@LSE 2012; Rajiv Dhokia…. “As another year passes, the headlines in the business world have once again been dominated […]

10 minutes with Entrepreneur Doug Richard; School for Startups Chief and “Ex Dragon”.

The phone rang. I answered………“Hello” (pretending I was sitting in my ‘pretend’ new office – not my Kitchen) A crisp Californian voice answered back; “Hi, its Doug Richard, how can I help?” I had 10 minutes. 5 questions – including one that Doug called a ‘red herring’. I wished that ten years ago, I had concentrated […]


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