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Qualifications vs Experience

With thousands of students each summer leaving education and then struggling to get themselves on the job market, it begs a question that has been around for a while now: what’s better qualifications or experience? More and more times we’re hearing of people being turned down because of lack of time in the job, despite […]

Top tips for graduates – how to succeed in life!

Taking a look at the news this week, it’s hard not to get carried away by the stream of economic despair that again seems to be hitting the UK. UK unemployment rises again, talk of double dip recession…again, youth unemployment up….again, business closures and redundancies….again; the déjà vu of this never ending recession hits again. Having […]

How to Get Your First Job as a Teacher with No Experience Working with Children?

Getting any sort of teaching job today is not easy let alone getting one without any prior recorded experience working with children. How can you tackle this? Here are some tips. Be confident in your abilities What subjects can you teach properly? What activities can you teach children with minimal effort? If you are convinced […]

Key Facts for First Time Job Seekers

So it’s time to enter the world of work; you are feeling excited, apprehensive, motivated and hopeful, all at once. Everyone has been in this position before; even the most successful people in the world, all began their employment journeys, in a position not far from where you are now, and they probably felt much […]

How to Make Your Experience Relevant: Prepping Your CV for Job Applications

It doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve had in the business world; when it comes to CV screening, the most important factor is relevance. And learning to be relevant starts long before you begin sending out the job applications. If you were a brand, your CV would be your strapline and your interview outfit would […]

Social media experience demand on the rise

According to new data released by job search engine Adzuna, demand for social media skills and knowledge is on the rise amongst forward thinking UK employers, with over 13,000 jobs around the country demanding candidates with specific skills and experience in this arena, a 66% increase on last year.  Understandably so, TheEmployable reckons, since social […]


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