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How to Facebook Your Way to a New Job

How to Facebook Your Way to a New Job! Some handy tips from George Penman of Evergrad… It was once the case that LinkedIn was for your professional life and Facebook was for your personal life (and Twitter was for shouting self-aggrandising bite-sized statements at strangers) However, Facebook is now closing the gap with LinkedIn […]

How to Make Your Personal Facebook Profile Professional

In a short time, Facebook has become the most popular destination on the web where every netizen is networking. While social networks like LinkedIn are dedicated to professionals, Facebook is more personal. But Facebook isn’t just reserved for personal networking – there’s a great scope for professional networking too. In the following article we look […]

5 Things Employees Should Never Do on Facebook

As much as you may want to keep your professional life and personal life as separate as possible, the rise of the internet, and particularly the popularisation of social media, has made this goal more difficult than ever to achieve. You should never fall into the trap of thinking that your online self, and ‘real […]

Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – ‘Help Me Help you’

As I write this post it is the start of Social Media Week, a Global event that spans over 20 cities and around 1000 events… I will come back to this in a minute or so. I have now been ‘employable’ for around 7 months, and in that time myself and my ‘employable’ Co Founder […]

Can Nextdoor.com take on the Facebook generation? TheEmployable speak to one of the Founders…

With recent reports in the UK press suggesting that Facebook popularity had reached saturation point, The Employable went on a Global journey to find out what the next major Social networking market could be…..and stumbled over the doorstep of nextdoor.com, the first private social network for neighbourhoods… Don’t get me wrong Facebook is still the only […]

Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – trip to Facebook

“What’s meant to be, is meant to be”… That is the fateful cliché that was floating around in my head, as I sat patiently in a meeting room in Facebook’s European Head Office in Dublin. Funny how fate always takes you on a journey, and you can only ever look back in hindsight and say […]


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