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Where could a career in finance take you?

Where could a career in finance take you? The financial sector is both one of the most vast and most prosperous in the land of employment and can lead to fantastic opportunities to build your career, with so many roles on offer and numerous routes to high-profile jobs. It is amazing how many of these […]

7 Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s in Economics

Regardless of why you’re considering going to graduate school, it’s important to note that not all graduate degrees are created equal. Some will grant you more debt than job offers, while others — even though nothing, of course, is guaranteed — represent a more sound financial investment. A master’s in economics is a degree that […]

A guide to choosing between personal and business finance for your SME

A guide to choosing between personal and business finance for your SME Taking a business idea out of the realm of whimsy and making it a practical outfit for the long term can require significant financial outlay, whether on your part or someone else’s. According to research conducted by American Express and the Centre for […]

Finance and IT: Merging skillsets

The IT sector spans over so many industries, aiding numerous businesses run efficiently, create new ideas and push forward in this technology age. It can surprise some how well regarded IT workers are and the wages they can potentially earn, but it is a sector where you need to be highly skilled and versatile in […]

Starting a business – the financial basics (A guest post)

It can be difficult to get a business off the ground and even the savviest entrepreneurs will tell you that during that all-important first year, you need to be 100 per cent on top of your finances and making savings wherever you can. But what options are there for cutting down your overheads?  Business insurance […]

Startup of the Week – Fundable

This week’s business startup… For anybody starting a new business, money is one of the first things that has to be considered. And as we all know, getting that money from the more traditional sources, like banks is just not that easy any more. Would-be entrepreneurs find themselves exploring all sorts of avenues to finance […]

How to help fund your Startup Idea

One of the first things you have to think about when considering setting up your own business is of course the finances – where and how are you going to get the money to turn that dream into a reality. The media are always telling us that the banks aren’t lending any more, there are no […]

Guide to Crowdfunding – Power to the People !

Guide to Crowdfunding – Power to the People ! One of the most important things to consider when thinking about starting up a business is of course the finances. Getting the money together to get your idea off the ground can be difficult enough at the best of times, but may seem an entirely impossible […]


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