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How to be a more productive freelancer – increase your efficiency with these helpful tips

Be honest. When you first became a freelancer and began working for yourself, did you envisage rolling out of bed at midday, working in your PJs and picking up jobs when you needed them? Or is that the image your friends and family have created? Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you that working for […]

5 Ways to Get Freelance Work

5 Ways to Get Freelance Work There are a whole bunch of reasons as to why Freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Obviously the challenging jobs market has meant that there are fewer permanent job opportunities around so freelancing can seem to be the perfect ‘interim’ or stop gap solution between jobs. For […]

Preparing For Freedom In Freelancing

It is an exciting time to be a freelancer. Never before has it been so acceptable to work remotely. Businesses are seeing the savings to their bottom line and finding they can afford a higher quality of work, by hiring the freelancer.  Writers, developers, designers, consultants, virtual assistants, editors and many other workers have learned […]

7 Steps to Setting up a Freelance Design Business

Setup Costs You could be mistaken for thinking as long as you have a copy of Adobe Creative Suite and a laptop you are ready to start your business. However there many other start-up costs you need to think of such as; A domain name Web hosting Building your website Business insurances Printing business cards […]

The Importance of Promoting Yourself as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer offers many benefits, with perhaps the main one being the large amount of freedom and flexibility concerning the work you can take on or reject. There’s one major problem with a freelance career, however: if you don’t attract the work, you won’t get paid. There’s no safety net of a monthly […]

Songs for the Self Employed and Freelancer!

A couple of months ago we wrote a couple of rather ‘tongue in cheek’ posts to keep all you job seeking and interview attending folk motivated. After all – job seeking and job interviewing can be a rather unmotivated experience at times – so we thought our lists on ‘Movies to get you motivated before […]

Getting the most out of Freelancing

Great! You’ve decided that a career as a freelancer is for you, but have you considered how once you dip your toes firmly in the water, how you can make sure that you get the most out of freelancing? But let’s rewind slightly first… What is a freelancer anyway? A freelancer is someone who works […]

Going from Unemployed to Freelancer and becoming Entrepreneur

“Going from Unemployed to Freelancer and becoming Entrepreneur” Kjetil Olsen is the vice-president of Elance Europe writes for TheEmployable on how to use online freelancer platforms like Elance if unemployed and looking for work.  “If you are in the unfortunate situation that the financial crisis have left you redundant in your company due to decreasing turnover, […]

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Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer

Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer (Guest Post) – A guest post from Josh Boyd… Work is, unless you’re one of the lucky few, a necessary evil in life. Through it you are able to support yourself and hopefully be able to indulge in some of life’s pleasures that you love. In return, you give […]

Startup Of The Week – eWorky

This weeks business startup… If you have ever worked from home, you will no doubt appreciate just how difficult it can be at times. The initial concept may appeal, but then the reality of not having a real workspace and all the home distractions set in and you start yearning to work somewhere else. This […]


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