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How you can use your best asset – your skills!

At TheEmployable we truly believe that everyone should be valued, “employed” or not. We all have skills, knowledge and experience that are worthwhile and valuable and which if used to their full potential can help us all make a difference in our lives. Our skills are probably our biggest assets. And in these, shall we […]

Freelancing in construction

Whilst it can be deemed quite risky to do so, many people are turning to freelancing to get ahead in the world and be able to do things at their own leisure and on their own terms. Freelancing throws up many different issues when it comes to pros and cons that usually apply to most […]

5 Ways to Get Freelance Work

5 Ways to Get Freelance Work There are a whole bunch of reasons as to why Freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Obviously the challenging jobs market has meant that there are fewer permanent job opportunities around so freelancing can seem to be the perfect ‘interim’ or stop gap solution between jobs. For […]

Going freelance: the pros and cons

Going freelance: the pros and cons Choosing to freelance is a major step that can affect both your professional and personal life. While going it alone can provide you with complete control over your working schedule, many often find that being your own boss can also have its downsides. If you fancy freelancing, it is important to […]

Preparing For Freedom In Freelancing

It is an exciting time to be a freelancer. Never before has it been so acceptable to work remotely. Businesses are seeing the savings to their bottom line and finding they can afford a higher quality of work, by hiring the freelancer.  Writers, developers, designers, consultants, virtual assistants, editors and many other workers have learned […]

Getting the most out of Freelancing

Great! You’ve decided that a career as a freelancer is for you, but have you considered how once you dip your toes firmly in the water, how you can make sure that you get the most out of freelancing? But let’s rewind slightly first… What is a freelancer anyway? A freelancer is someone who works […]

5 Advantages of working in a Co-Working space….

5 Advantages of working in a Co-Working space…. We had written previously about Co-Working spaces, the what, the why’s and the where’s, but having now actually worked in a Co-working space for the last 4 months or so, we thought it was about time to highlight the ‘advantages’ of said working in a little more […]

Could you Thrive as a Freelancer? A Guest Post by ‘Career Stylist’ Beth Reacher on ‘working-for-yourself’

In today’s highly competitive and volatile employment market, more and more people are turning to freelancing to take their professional destiny into their own hands. This growing trend is also contributed by our evolving market place. With more small businesses entering into the economy, there’s been an increased demand for skilled individuals to offer specialist […]


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