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Funniest Interview Questions Ever

Whilst many employers do tend to adopt the traditional approach in job interviews and ask fairly standard questions which you can prepare for, (as we outlined in our Top 10 Interview Questions), many others choose instead to ask more quirky or off the wall questions for which there is no real way to prepare. We’ve […]

Funniest Workplace Signs Ever?

“You don’t have to be crazy to work here…but it helps…” etc etc….  We’ve all seen those “humorous” workplace signs and more than likely cringed as they  really aren’t that funny, are they? It’s usually the hand-made, one-off workplace signs that are much funnier. Today, we‘ve put together a few of our favourites.       […]

Funniest Business Cards Ever? Or Perhaps The Most Creative!

When you are first setting up a business, one of the first promotional activities often undertaken is getting a business card printed. It is considered a given that if asked for your card, you will be able to produce one. And when you hand it over to that potential new client or customer you want […]

Funniest Business Names Ever….

One of the first things people have to consider when starting a business is of course what the business is going to be called. Thinking up a name that is original, creative and catchy is not the easiest of tasks. And if there are a few of you in the business, coming up with a […]


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