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The Employable’s Top Inspirational Quotes…

Monday next marks the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week when people all over the world will get together and talk about making changes in their lives and consider starting up a business. To help inspire, motivate and encourage you to get into the “entrepreneurial mindset”, we have today compiled a list of our Top Inspirational […]

Champion of the Teenage Entrepreneur – TheEmployable speaks with Claire Young

Ever since her time as a finalist on The Apprentice, Claire Young has been working tirelessly at promoting enterprise and innovation amongst Britain’s young people. With initiatives like Girls Out Loud where she motivates and encourages teenage girls to make the most out of their lives and also School Speakers where she provides UK schools with […]

A brighter future – how you can help change things…

Contrary to what most of the media would have us believe, it’s not all gloom and doom out there. It’s very easy to moan and whinge and complain and rant , but it doesn’t really change anything does it? It doesn’t get you anywhere. So, in a bid to create a bit more positivity, we […]

‘What entrepreneurship means to me’ – Rajeeb Dey, CEO, Enternships.com talks up Global Entrepreneurship Week….

What entrepreneurship means to me – Rajeeb Dey, CEO, Enternships.com   At the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week where we hope to inspire thousands of potential entrepreneurs, I’ve been thinking about how I started and why I decided to start enternships.com… When I was young I thought I wanted to be a Doctor, […]

We talk ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week UK’ with the Chief Executive himself…

Monday is the first day of Global Entrepreneurship Week…so who better to speak to than Andrew Devenport, the Chief Executive of Youth Business International, the hosts of GEW UK, to find out ‘what is it all about?’ Hi there Andrew, Can you start by just explaining a little about GEW and how it started? Global Entrepreneurship […]

“The World Would Come” – One Mans dream to make us all ‘one big Tribe’

Imagine inviting ‘strangers’ from all around the World to join an online ‘Tribe’, with the option to join you on a tropical Island to help build a a cross-community of both the local indigenous population, and also a family of citizens from around the World. Sounding like a mixture of ‘The Beach’ and ‘Lost’, the reality is that […]

“Why you should work in a startup” – TheEmployable meets entrepreneur Diana Proca

When you are looking for a job, it is often easy just to think of the big players, the corporates, the blue chip companies. However, what more and more people are realising is that if you really want a job that gives you the best experience, the biggest challenges and potentially the greatest rewards, then […]

“The Idea is just the beginning” TheEmployable talks to ShellLive Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Michael Korn

Ten days ago we highlighted this years 8 finalists of the prestigious ShellLive Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and now today, I was sat talking over the phone with Michael Korn, the winner, inventor of KwickScreen, who went home with not only the accolade, but the 10k prize! I had contacted Michael via email the evening of the awards, […]


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