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Tips on How to Improve Your Recruitment Skills

Having a hard time going through the recruitment process? Well, maybe you have posted a great job ad post and attracted several applicants. But how do you ensure that the particular candidate is a suitable fit? In that case, you need to stay focused and remind yourself that your core motive is to acquire in-demand […]

Key Insights on How to Increase your Hiring Potential

To be hired in a competitive market, it’s not enough to have experience or education on your side. You have to compete with other people who have the same or more relevant backgrounds. You’ll have to compete for the hiring manager’s attention. Most of all, you’ll have to compete against your nerves and uncertainty throughout […]

7 Tips for Hiring a New Employee

Executing a poor hiring decision can be stressful, counter-productive and ultimately affect your company’s bottom line. So how can you ensure you hire the right person for the job? 1 Look for commitment  Loyal employees will grow with your business and constantly strive to achieve their best in the workplace. Check CVs for past role […]

Recruiting Your First Employee: What You Need To Know

Hiring your very first staff member is an exciting time within your business. It shows that you’re ready to start taking the next steps and a to embark on a new chapter within your company. We feel it’s important to establish some key steps to ensure you are 100% ready to start looking at employment, […]

Know Your HR Numbers Important For Hiring

According to a report published by the Work Institute, it costs an employer 33 percent of an employee’s salary to replace them if they leave unexpectedly. Having great team members is an important part of what makes a business successful. Are you looking for new employees to fill vital positions within your company? If so, […]

How Technology Is Changing The Hiring Process

Today’s business world is very different to the business world twenty years ago. Innovative changes have transformed nearly every industry, but one industry that has undergone the most change is HR. In fact, investors recently put more than 2 billion dollars into new HR technology. These technology tools can make work less monotonous and more enjoyable, and […]

Top tips for spotting, attracting and hiring the best!

It’s common knowledge that we all want the best candidates, but what can often happen is recruiters and companies don’t always put in that special effort in order to, one – attract the best candidates, and two – actually then be able to hire them. What needs to be remembered to kick start the new […]


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