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Commendable in Communications: What you need to succeed in human resource.

How many times have you looked at employment listings and seen postings seeking candidates with excellent communication skills, organizational abilities, leadership skills and other traits that have nothing to do with knowledge or skill in the field? These days, employers don’t want employees who are merely technically capable and able to perform the tasks of […]

5 Tips for Professionals Looking for a Career in HR

Human Resource is a popular career choice these days. The perfect mix of a positive work environment, public interaction, and a huge paycheck explains why! Another big reason why people look for HR as a career option, is job availability. Every organisation needs a HR professional.  However, once you start your human resources career, you […]

Latest Trends That Will Shape HR In The Next 5 Years

The world is changing quickly, and with it comes changes in just about every industry. One of the industries that will be hit the hardest is Human Resources or HR. New technology, changing workplaces, and so on will all change the way our roles function at every level.  How exactly will HR change in the […]

Know Your HR Numbers Important For Hiring

According to a report published by the Work Institute, it costs an employer 33 percent of an employee’s salary to replace them if they leave unexpectedly. Having great team members is an important part of what makes a business successful. Are you looking for new employees to fill vital positions within your company? If so, […]

Does Your Startup Really Need HR?

Your startup consists of you and a couple employees in the back corner of a co-working space. All of you are putting in more than your share of hours and effort to accomplish goals — goals that are shifting and changing almost as soon as they appear. Even as you work the hardest you ever […]

How to Ensure Your Staff Take a Minimal Amount of Sick Days

The UK’s sickness rates are at an all-time record low of an average of 4.3 days per worker – the lowest number of sick days since records began. But, are your staff taking off more time than this? If so, there are ways to reduce the number of days your staff are absent due to […]

A list that you need for your business and workplace management

Workplace and business management are a big concern for every business owner. Improper management can lead to a failing company. So, it’s vital you know what you need for proper management. And, I’ve got a list of the things, down below: Get HR Software There’s a lot of HR software on the market these days […]

Effective employee engagement doubles annual net profits

For many businesses, employee engagement is too often seen as ‘non-essential’ –. But this should not be the case according to recruitment agency, Pure, who recently took a wider look at the impact employee engagement can have on businesses big and small. It’s clear that, in the current economic climate – with companies still remaining […]

Our thoughts on the latest Jeremy Clarkson Row – An affront to equality

We were rather shocked at the reaction of social media to last week’s news story that presenter of Top Gear, and long running controversy-monger Jeremy Clarkson, had been suspended by the BBC, pending an investigation into an alleged incident in which he punched a producer.   We are not going to speculate about what went […]

How to become a Human Resource Manager

If you are someone who loves working with other people, is most comfortable within an office environment and doesn’t mind having to handle inordinate amounts of paper work then step forward because a career as a HR manager could just be the one for you. As with many roles there is no tried and true […]


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