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5 Tips for Professionals Looking for a Career in HR

Human Resource is a popular career choice these days. The perfect mix of a positive work environment, public interaction, and a huge paycheck explains why! Another big reason why people look for HR as a career option, is job availability. Every organisation needs a HR professional.  However, once you start your human resources career, you […]

How to Get a Job in HR

How to Get a Job in HR Every year, an increasing number of people look to enter the field of Human Resources. With more and more companies realising how important it is to have an active and competent HR department staffed with knowledgeable people, this career track is poised to grow further still in the […]

Latest Trends That Will Shape HR In The Next 5 Years

The world is changing quickly, and with it comes changes in just about every industry. One of the industries that will be hit the hardest is Human Resources or HR. New technology, changing workplaces, and so on will all change the way our roles function at every level.  How exactly will HR change in the […]

How to become a Human Resource Manager

If you are someone who loves working with other people, is most comfortable within an office environment and doesn’t mind having to handle inordinate amounts of paper work then step forward because a career as a HR manager could just be the one for you. As with many roles there is no tried and true […]

Human Resources 101: How to Train New Employees to Manage Your E-Commerce Site

Creating and managing an online business can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, as your company grows, you may need to introduce new employees to help keep things running smoothly. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, here are 5 tips on how to train new employees to manage your e-commerce site: 1. […]

The Highest Paying Human Resources Jobs

Employees who are considering returning to school to earn a master’s degree in human resources, or companies who are considering footing the bill for valued employees to do the same, have a definitive eye set towards their respective maximum bottom line payoff. For the firm, the payoff is calculated in terms of the corporate goals […]

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you…

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you… Every business, whether they have a headcount of 3 or a headcount of 3000 should have a HR (human resources) mindset. HR for a company of 3 you might scoff, how is HR relevant to a fledgling company that is only that size. The term HR […]


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