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Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student

Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student With a saturated jobs market and sky high numbers of new graduates, it can be tough for students to find a way into the industry of their choice. For an increasing number of students, an internship has become a sensible and productive option. Here, we take […]

8 Tips For Turning Your Internship Into A Full Time Job Offer

Kick-starting your dream career in today’s job market can be tough. It’s a highly competitive world out there, and it’s becoming more difficult with each passing day for job-seekers and recent graduates to get their foot in the door of their dream career. That’s where internships come in. An internship offers the perfect opportunity to […]

The Not-Quite-Working Girl – Seven months and counting…

Jenna is our newest Guest Writer, and will be writing a series of diary themed posts from the perspective of a recent Graduate facing the challenges and potential opportunities of the current job market. We look forward to reading Jenna’s posts and I hope you do too…. The Not-Quite-Working Girl – Seven months and counting… […]

The Not-Quite-Working-Girl….(what the future holds)

Jenna Birk, NEET statistic, started writing a guest blog for TheEmployable, last month. After 7 months of ‘unemployment’ Jenna was determined to keep thinking positively & had explored loads of options on how she could change her employment status…So we are happy to report that Jenna, has some exciting news to share with us all…. […]

Making a Move for an Internship

Graduating from college is one of life’s great joys. But, graduating can also leave you wondering where to go and how to get started on the next chapter of your life. Moving to a new city and finding an internship can not only bring a new adventure, but it can be the ‘foot-in-the-door’ experience you […]

Job Seeking Graduate? – Some top tips

First of all, if you are a job seeking Graduate and you are reading this post, may I start by congratulating you on your degree level qualification…However, I must be honest in that the advice I will give you, will be frank, may be hard to hear, & some of you will feel frustrated. But […]

Boosting that C.V whilst still studying… A guest Post

When planning for your future career, it’s usually best practice to see what qualifications you need to enter the industry you’re interested in becoming a part of. But, in this ever changing jobs environment, you’re going to need that little bit extra to stick out amongst the rest. Getting a first in your degree is […]

Paid IRISH INTERN sought for Leading US VC firm

A leading international venture capital firm is seeking the services of an exceptional student / graduate from Ireland for a paid summer internship opportunity in Boston. Irish students and recent Graduates with a background or passion in Entrepreneurship, get all over this one! Polaris Partners has today opened a competition seeking an intern to work […]

Internships – the Advantages and Disadvantages

Internships – over the last twelve months, the word ‘internship’ seems to have gotten some mighty bad press…. It’s also not easy being a graduate right now. Even in the last week there have been three damning news reports that paint a not too bright future for the UK employment market in general and graduates […]

Work Place Interns: Stand out for all the right reasons

For so many graduates nowadays, it is a case of the chicken and the egg, ‘how do I get a job without work experience and how do I get work experience without a job?’ Internships can be a great way to get your foot in the door and gain invaluable experience in the workplace which, […]


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