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Why an Online Presence Is Vital in the Job Market

Along with just about everything else in the world, HR and recruitment have changed dramatically in the past few decades, as the internet’s influence becomes more and more encompassing. The traditional search for prospective employees was in many respects much less convoluted 20 years ago than it is today, as relocating city is easier than […]

Follow these 6 tips to stand out at interview!

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before – if you find yourself at interview you’re likely to be up against some formidable opposition. So, what can you do you to make sure you’re the person who sticks in the interviewer’s minds? – for the right reasons! Align your passion! Finding someone who ticks […]

Improve your prospects with these job market tips

It’s an amazingly calm phrase, “entering the job market”. If they wanted to make it more accurate, they’d say, “catapulted into the job market” or “sentenced to the job market”. That’s exactly how it feels sometimes. As you stagger from interview to interview, emailing CV after CV and staring into an abyss of dole hand-outs […]

The best and worst places in the UK to find a Job

According to the latest UK job market report from Adzuna.co.uk average advertised salaries in the UK have slipped £1,800 in the last 12 months, as the labour market re-sets itself in the wake of government public sector cuts and the return of private sector business growth. Adzuna’s data also goes on to highlight the top […]

How could tribunal fees affect the job market?

There have been quite a few changes to various aspects of the legal system that have hit the headlines recently. Access to representation among citizens is an important part of the legal system in any civilised country. Some commentators have been raising questions about the way that legal aid will be allocated in the future, […]

Bored of Britain – is working in Singapore the answer?

After two years of remaining stagnant the UK job market has finally began to recover, the number of people claiming job seekers benefits has dropped by 8,600. However, it hasn’t managed to return to pre-slum numbers. So, what do you do? Sit tight and wait around for your ideal position or think outside the box […]

How the job market is affecting the rates of first-time buyers

You don’t need to work for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to know that unemployment is a serious problem in the UK. Last month it rose to 2.56m, which suggests that vacancies are scarce and competition for those that are actually available is fierce. The employment market as a whole is in dire […]

Beat the Monday Blues….Some good news…

Thousands of businesses, still to be born, thousands of jobs still to be made, thousands of inventions, still to be found, thousands of inventors,still to be crowned, thousands of creators, still to create, thousands of ideas, still to be conceived, thousands of dreams, still to be dreamed, thousands of friendships, still to be weaved, thousands of talents, still not being […]


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