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Guest Blog by Adzuna “Getting a 1st or a 2:1 worth over 300k over working life”

Degree results matter: Getting a First or 2:1 worth £300,000 over working life!! After Adzuna.co.uk, a comprehensive search engine for job ads, based in London, contacted The Employable, and asked if we could detail their graduate research findings on http://theemployable.com we were delighted to help. According to analysis conducted by job search engine Adzuna.co.uk, graduates with a 2:2 or […]

5 Alternative employability tips for jobseekers

“Be different or fail” might sound like the slogan from a magazine advert but it is really a principal which underlies the current economic market. To beat the competition, companies need a workforce that moves their business forward every day. Therefore, when looking for potential employees they increasingly seek individuals that have an entrepreneurial mindset […]

How could jobseekers be affected by the BYOD trend?

Today, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions of people across the UK working flexible hours. They do it in order to accommodate other commitments such as family, education or simply because their body clock isn’t used to working a normal nine-to-five weekday shift. Until recently, technology was seen as an obstacle in […]

Worst things that Jobseekers can assume

Any jobseeker, whether they recognise it or not, carries with them certain assumptions about their career prospects and opportunities. And, recognising the signs of when you are perhaps assuming too much, can be very difficult to spot for someone who is in the midst of jobseeking. As anyone who has ever worked in recruitment will […]


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