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How to Become a Publishing Editor

It is safe to assume that if you have taken the time to check out this article then you must be at least a little acquainted with the role of publishing editor and have some degree of interest in pursuing it as a future career.  Nevertheless as always, it is necessary that we begin with […]

Are You the Right Person for a Job in Publishing?

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive and increasingly diverse, recently qualified graduates face a number of important decisions in the coming weeks and months. Finding the right job is rarely an easy process under normal circumstances, but with more and more applicants in contention it’s even harder. One of the more popular industry sectors […]

Building yourself a career: Journalism

The life of a journalist can indeed be a glamorous one, but like any career, you have to work had to enjoy its benefits, such as being whisked away on someone else’s money to some sunny press event in the south of Spain or even Washington to cover the US elections. Most senior journalists and […]

How to become a Journalist

How to become a Journalist… Fancy a career as a Journalist? Here are the basics to help you on your way…  In the ol’ days, being a journalist would have generally limited you to working for a local or national newspaper, magazine or journal whereas currently with online media in full swing, the types of […]


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