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Worried about Claiming Against My Employer

Because jobs are so scarce, employees tend to be genuinely grateful to businesses for employing them. This creates a miasma of loyalty, which makes workers feel uneasy, when they’re considering claiming against their employer. As an employee, your employer is legally obliged to create a safe working environment. If you find yourself with a personal […]

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career in Law Enforcement

If you are tired of the routine job from 8 to 5 and would like a career change that motivates and inspires, try considering a career in law enforcement. Although being in a law enforcement job in the US comes with a long list of challenges and risks, this career path has really a lot […]

What do I do if I think I have been unfairly dismissed?

Losing your job can be a stressful and upsetting experience whatever the circumstances. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed it can be even worse but there may be steps you can take. If you need advice, you can visit an advice service like the Citizens Advice Bureau, consult your union if you belong […]

So You Think You Know Law? Tips for Students Starting out

According to Dean Paul Schiff Berman of the George Washington University Law School in the United States, he says that law jobs ‘exist where students don’t look’. Though this statement applies to graduates in the US, the same statement could also serve students within the UK. Though you can often find legal advice for employees […]

Using Employee Software to help you to stay within the Law

Managing employees is time consuming, and is becoming increasingly complicated. In the UK, and many other countries, the rate at which new legislation is being introduced makes it difficult for business owners to stay within the law, especially when it comes to maintaining details about their employees. Unfortunately, the consequences of failing to comply with […]

Changes to overtime holiday pay

Last week the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) delivered a ruling that was met with both cheers of applause and groans of frustration in equal measure. In what had become a landmark case, attracting huge attention from the media, unions, government and business groups alike, the tribunal finally settled a long standing contentious issue ‘Should an […]

Women in Law Today

I’ll start with a statistic. According to The Lawyer UK 200, only 18.6% of all legal partners in the UK are women. That’s less than one in five. For every boardroom of partners, every woman is surrounded by four men. The figure, needless to say, shows very slow improvement in terms of gender equality and […]

Avoiding a Commercial Law Dispute using Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

If you don’t already know who Gordon Ramsay is, he’s an extremely well-known celebrity chef, known as a foul-mouthed frontman for Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. His former business partner, Danny Lavy, has been accused of hijacking Ramsay’s kitchen range, and it has escalated to the London High Court. Lavy owns Sensio, which currently sells […]

How to Decide on a Career Path in Law

So you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer? Well, you might have been perturbed by a spate of articles that claim there are just too many lawyers in the world and not enough jobs for them to do. However, this isn’t to say that law is not a worthwhile career choice; in fact, as we’ll see, […]


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