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Worried about Claiming Against My Employer

Because jobs are so scarce, employees tend to be genuinely grateful to businesses for employing them. This creates a miasma of loyalty, which makes workers feel uneasy, when they’re considering claiming against their employer. As an employee, your employer is legally obliged to create a safe working environment. If you find yourself with a personal […]

Every Business Needs A Good Lawyer, And Here Are Five Areas Where They Could Help You

Anyone who runs their own business always hopes that they will not find themselves in a situation where they need legal advice. But there are several common issues where you will need the help of an experienced attorney. Here are just a few that you should be aware of. Growth And Expansion Contact an attorney […]

What are my rights as a jobseeker?

What are my rights as a jobseeker? Looking for a job can be a difficult process. Many jobseekers try to make themselves stand out on paper so that they can get an interview and secure a job. As a jobseeker you have rights, and potential employers have certain obligation towards you; all employers are obliged […]

Women in Law Today

I’ll start with a statistic. According to The Lawyer UK 200, only 18.6% of all legal partners in the UK are women. That’s less than one in five. For every boardroom of partners, every woman is surrounded by four men. The figure, needless to say, shows very slow improvement in terms of gender equality and […]

How to Decide on a Career Path in Law

So you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer? Well, you might have been perturbed by a spate of articles that claim there are just too many lawyers in the world and not enough jobs for them to do. However, this isn’t to say that law is not a worthwhile career choice; in fact, as we’ll see, […]


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