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Gap Year and Working Abroad Tips for Recent Graduates – A guest post by Graduate Sam Murray

Following University, the opportunity to fulfil a gap year abroad, both working and travelling seemed ideal and an opportunity not to be missed. Promoted by prospective employers and the chosen route for a lot of fellow peers I jumped upon the bandwagon and chose one of the more popular routes of travelling from the UK […]

How to Prioritise your Goals in Life 

In your life, you are likely going to aspire to achieve numerous things. While there is no reason you cannot achieve everything you ever dreamed of with the correct work ethic, there obviously does need to be a plan in place. The difference between wanting and achieving is often these planning stages. While one size […]

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Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer

Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer (Guest Post) – A guest post from Josh Boyd… Work is, unless you’re one of the lucky few, a necessary evil in life. Through it you are able to support yourself and hopefully be able to indulge in some of life’s pleasures that you love. In return, you give […]


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