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Working from Home

Not so long ago when somebody suggested working from home, it generally meant some dodgy envelope stuffing scam or the like. Whilst there are still 1000’s of scams of that ilk out there, many people are actually finding that creating their own opportunity from home is now easier than it ever was. So, if you […]

Diary of an employable blogaholic

Entry 1. And so I begin….Today is my 32nd day of unemployment*. *I say unemployment, but in my mind I am still working and therefore my unemployment status does not count. Plus, there are such many negative connotations attached to the word “unemployed”. Therefore, I have decided to no longer use the word unemployed and will, from […]

Twitchhiker by Paul Smith – a Review

Twitchhiker – How One Man Travelled the World by Twitter – Paul Smith. Rarely a day goes by now where we do not read, see or hear about the power of social media and networking. I believe that one of the most innovative uses of that in recent years has been the “ Twitchhiker”. In […]


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