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Famous Entrepreneurs – How They Started out –

If there is one thing that strikes a chord with any fledgling entrepreneur, it is hearing how the most successful and famous entrepreneurs started out. Hearing about the early struggles, be they financial or otherwise; hearing about how they fought against the odds and managed to turn their lives around can be truly inspirational. So […]

The Apprentice Final – A View From The Cheese Shop

Well. This is it. We started out with 16 people who all reckoned they were amazing business people. It was made abundantly clear in the last 12 weeks, that they weren’t. As viewers though, we learned that, in business, having the “ little book of managerial speak” is a fundamental part of being a candidate. […]

The Apprentice Week 11 – A View From The Cheese Shop

The Apprentice Week 11 – A View From The Cheese Shop Picture the scene… (in Jarvis Cocker’s voice, if you will. He is in my head at the time of writing.) It’s early in the morning… Jade and her voice are drinking a cup of tea at a table… Ricky Martin is in his underpants… […]

The Apprentice Week 10 – A View From The Cheese Shop

The Apprentice Week 10 – A View From The Cheese Shop You know those emails that you receive after you sign up to something, which persistently and constantly tell you about offers and discounts on ‘Hotel Chocolat’ and ‘Debenhams’, and ‘fish eating your feet’ and things? And no matter how many times you mark them […]

The Apprentice Week 9 – A View From The Cheese Shop

If you cast your mind back to last week’s post, you’ll remember that I referred to artists/art critics and how they’re as unbearable as wine tasters… that was truthfully unintentional. A complete coincidence. Because this week, we were thrown into the world of sparkly wine, and with it; wine tasters, who I find as unbearable […]

The Apprentice Week 8 – A View From The Cheese Shop

This week, we were thrown into the world of art. ‘Street’ art, to be more accurate. I could go on for hours about artists and art critics and the utter nonsense that they often spout …mostly the critics, mind you. It’s like wine tasting. There is always someone there who is able to sniff out […]

The Apprentice Week 7 – A View From The Cheese Shop…

I spoke to someone recently; a business person, who, until this year, had never seen The Apprentice. When I asked what they thought, the answer was… “Well I’m a little disappointed. I thought that it featured good and interesting business people.” Kind of says a lot about this series. I’m not quite sure what it is; […]

The Apprentice Week 6 – A View From The Cheese Shop

Just like with the the ping pong a few weeks ago, the cameras again just happened to be rolling during the remaining candidates ‘fun time’ of playing the Wii, or xBox… or something. And what a hoot it was; and a rare glimpse into what the candidates do when they’re not mouthing cliches and delivering […]

The Apprentice Week 5 – A View From The Cheese Shop

It amazes me, that at 6.15 in the morning, some candidates are fully dressed in their ‘business attire’ and waiting with baited breath to find out that the cars are will be outside in a ridiculously short space of time.  Normally at that time, I’m in deep slumber, dreaming about being fully dressed, and when […]

The Apprentice Week 4 – A View From The Cheese Shop

I’ve been inspired this week by Duane to start off with a few well known proverbs. Here are a couple of my favourites : Let sleeping dogs sleep Two wrongs do not make it better I love Duane. Anyhow..this week, the candidates were interrupted from an ‘unstaged for the cameras’ game of ping-pong and hauled […]


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