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Top Job Search Mistakes

Top Job Search Mistakes  Looking for a job can at times be quite a lonely exercise. You may have the support of your family and friends but when it comes down to it, it really just involves you. And when you are doing something alone with little or no feedback from other people, it is […]

5 Things you shouldn’t say in an interview

Here’s 5 Things you shouldn’t say in an interview… Picture the scene… You’ve been running around for weeks, maybe even months doing everything you can to try and get yourself an interview for your dream job.  You have given your CV a meticulous makeover, bought a brand new “I’d be amazing at this job” suit, practiced interview […]

As A Startup, Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes?

While you may have launched a powerful new product that promises to change the market, you will not get far if you make these three common mistakes. First, your business has not bought enough brain power. Second, your business does not have enough social capital. Third, your business does not have enough knowledge and skills. While it doesn’t […]

5 of the Worst things you can do on your first day in your new job!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully taken on board all of the jobseeking, CV writing, and job interview tips that we provide here at TheEmployable! You’re dressed up all smart, ready to go, and ready to start your new job, working for ‘that fab company’ that you were delighted to find employment with! But wait a minute, before […]


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