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Creative College Degrees

For those who are interested in degrees other than the norm, you’ll find a great variety of degrees in the arts and humanities. The variety of degrees available help you to find the best possible career path for the artistically inclined. Degrees in art, sculpture, painting, music and acting are just a few of the […]

Jobseeking Soundtrack – ‘Now that’s what I call Jobseeking’

What can we say – sometimes jobseeking can be a mind numbing and depressive pastime. To hopefully lighten the mood a little and to also keep you on ‘track’ we’ve created our very own jobseeking soundtrack – songs that might keep you going when clicking ‘search and apply’. ‘Sounds’ like fun? Read over our playlist […]

‘Civil-Servants-Got-Talent’ – We find out about a public sector project that got the ‘creative’ creating

There is a stereotype, perpetuated from the private sector, that Civil Servants, are glorified paper pushers – and its often a stereotype not helped by the media and perhaps even some civil servants themselves. We have all had bad experiences of dealing with the public sector, from poor customer service, to lack of respect, or […]

“Making music, with everyone” – The Employable talks Bandhack with entrepreneur Andrew Ferris

According to the late Steve Jobs, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” One person who truly proves this to be true is Northern Ireland based entrepreneur, Andrew Ferris , Co-Founder of independent record label Smalltown America. His genuine passion for music, innate entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking attitude […]

Startup of the Week – nuevoStage

Ever been at a gig and thought that the support act were much better than the headliners? I know I have. Countless times. The thing is though that most gig venue owners won’t take the risk of giving a headline slot to a new or emerging act. So until they make a name for themselves, […]

The New Kid on the Bloc – the Graduate startup with music at its heart

Imagine starting a website after finishing University, and within a few months you have thousands of site visits a week, a team of 150 reporters across UK and Ireland, and the chance to meet and interview some of the most current Rock, Pop, Indie and Punk artists as they tour and gig… sounds tough hey […]


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