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5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking

Looking for a job is no longer just a matter of checking out the job ads in the local paper – these days it’s a much more complex affair and if you’re serious in your quest to find a job, you’ll be no doubt doing all that you can to reach your goal and get […]

The Power of ‘Thank You’ – Networking to find a job – a guest post by Robin McKay Bell….

Guest writer Robin McKay Bell returns with a piece he has written on the power of saying ‘thank  You.’ We certainly appreciate Robin’s involvement in sharing his articles with TheEmployable…’Thank you Robin, and keep empowering!” Over to you Robin…. “….Networking is a hot topic, and for good reasons. There is anecdotal evidence that around 70 […]

5 Ways to Build your Job Network

Virtually every employment or careers advice book, blog or article will highlight how important networking is to your job search – we’ve even mentioned it ourselves in our own ebook How to Search and Apply for Jobs (*ahem* shameless plug). However in reality how easy is it to network effectively so that it can have […]

How to Handle Job Networking

Gone are the days when job searching simply meant checking out the Situations Vacant column in your local paper – things have got ever more complex, especially with the rise of social media. Jobseekers these days have to resort to a whole range of activities in their quest to get employment. One of the most […]

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work A new survey from social job search engine Adzuna.co.uk reveals that more than half of UK jobseekers are now using social networks as part of the job hunting process. With 2.5 million out of work and youth unemployment at a record high, Britons are turning […]

An Introduction to Networking

Networking is an essential part of business. Advertising and marketing will help you, but getting out there and spreading the word of your business and building contacts is just as useful. You never know who you might happen to bump into at the pub, library or fight club, so you need to be able to […]

The Importance of Social Media in Your Job Search – A Guest Post

The web has become massively important in the last few years for many different reasons. It’s a source to find out information quick and easy and is great for socialising. But it’s also a hazard if you are searching for a job, as everyone is aware of the horror stories of managers finding ‘inappropriate’ content […]

Startup of The Week – Woobiz

Sometimes some of the best ideas for business come about when there is a merger or crossover of sorts – when an idea that works in one area is applied to something entirely unrelated. And in a way our Startup of The Week this week is doing just that. Woobiz is applying the technology used […]

Why you should Startup in a Business Incubator…

We’ve written in a previous post about Places and Spaces you can go to help transform that startup dream into a reality. ( Check it out here. ) One of those featured was the Business Incubator, which we are going to look at in a little more detail today. In essence, Business Incubators are specialist programmes […]

Top Tips for Job Searching

One of the most frustrating elements of getting a job is of course the “job search’ itself. In an attempt to perhaps ease that frustration somewhat, we have put together a list of our “Top Tips for Job Searching”. These are not listed in any particular order and the key thing is that you really […]


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