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Know Your HR Numbers Important For Hiring

According to a report published by the Work Institute, it costs an employer 33 percent of an employee’s salary to replace them if they leave unexpectedly. Having great team members is an important part of what makes a business successful. Are you looking for new employees to fill vital positions within your company? If so, […]

Does Your Startup Really Need HR?

Your startup consists of you and a couple employees in the back corner of a co-working space. All of you are putting in more than your share of hours and effort to accomplish goals — goals that are shifting and changing almost as soon as they appear. Even as you work the hardest you ever […]

Effective employee engagement doubles annual net profits

For many businesses, employee engagement is too often seen as ‘non-essential’ –. But this should not be the case according to recruitment agency, Pure, who recently took a wider look at the impact employee engagement can have on businesses big and small. It’s clear that, in the current economic climate – with companies still remaining […]

How to become a Human Resource Manager

If you are someone who loves working with other people, is most comfortable within an office environment and doesn’t mind having to handle inordinate amounts of paper work then step forward because a career as a HR manager could just be the one for you. As with many roles there is no tried and true […]

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you…

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you… Every business, whether they have a headcount of 3 or a headcount of 3000 should have a HR (human resources) mindset. HR for a company of 3 you might scoff, how is HR relevant to a fledgling company that is only that size. The term HR […]


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