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How to become a butcher

Perhaps not the most glamourous of careers, yet butchery has a rich and varied history which compensates abundantly for its less, shall we say, alluring aspects.   This truly ancient career traces its roots back to when humans first began to domesticate animals and the organised slaughter and subsequent preparation of livestock became so common […]

Qualifications vs Experience

With thousands of students each summer leaving education and then struggling to get themselves on the job market, it begs a question that has been around for a while now: what’s better qualifications or experience? More and more times we’re hearing of people being turned down because of lack of time in the job, despite […]

How to Become a Horse Riding Instructor

How to become a horse riding instructor There’s no denying that some people really do have a way with horses. Many of these folks dream of a career that will allow them to interact with their equine friends on a day to day basis, and luckily for them there are plenty of such careers available. […]

How to Become a Croupier

Slick, sophisticated, smooth.  There are many words which spring to mind when we think ‘croupier’ but there’s so much more to this career than simply dealing cards and tossing some dice.  It requires flair, wit, skill, and above all razor-sharp reaction times and an uncanny ability in mental arithmetic.   If you reckon the life […]

How to become a Window Fitter

Do you fancy a career as a window fitter? As is the case with any job, getting yourself onto the ladder can be a real ‘pane’, but thankfully we have put together this quick guide to help make things a little. First things first, what is a window fitter? Also known as a ‘glazier’  they […]

Considering a career in health and safety? Look here first

One of the most important vocations in the world is health and safety. There is an endless list of companies and establishments that effectively could not run without someone on hand to ensure the safe running of the building and the practices taking place within it. Whilst not one of the most glamorous jobs available, […]

How to become a teaching assistant

How to become a teaching assistant They are an integral part of any modern classroom – an indispensable part of the education system and valiant right hand men (or women) for any teacher hoping to maintain a happy well ordered and dignified classroom. It’s a role that most of us would consider ourselves familiar with, […]

Funeralcare Leads the Way with the First Apprenticeship Programme

The Co-operative Funeralcare has today (7 March 2013) unveiled the UK’s first funeral apprenticeship programme. In the run up to National Apprenticeship Week (11-15 March), the UK’s leading funeral director is launching its new on the job framework which will be available to all new employees, allowing them to gain nationally recognised qualifications within the […]


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