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Don’t Quit Your Job for Drug Treatment

Stop Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Stopping Your Life. I want to quit but I have to work! According to drugfree.org, more than 23.5 million people are addicted to either alcohol or drugs in America alone. Imagine the rest of the world! With alcohol being more and more popular among the younger generations and it […]

A Great Way to Quit Your Job

There may come a point in your life when the dearest wish of your heart is to quit your job in style, and we can probably all understand your motivation. If you have enjoyed your role and are simply moving on to pastures new, then you might want to mark the occasion with some creative […]

How to Know When to Quit Your Job

With the shrieks of surprise at the UK’s shock election last week still ringing in our ears, a rather intriguing question has been floating around TheEmployable office. Those of you familiar with last Friday’s remarkable political shifting will know well of what I speak, but if you don’t know, I found that the BBC did […]


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