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Top tips for graduates – how to succeed in life!

Taking a look at the news this week, it’s hard not to get carried away by the stream of economic despair that again seems to be hitting the UK. UK unemployment rises again, talk of double dip recession…again, youth unemployment up….again, business closures and redundancies….again; the déjà vu of this never ending recession hits again. Having […]

Resources to help your Startup

Open any newspaper these days and you are likely to be bombarded with gloom and doom type stories – telling of redundancies, the double dip recession, the so called “lost generation” of graduates and the ever increasing unemployment figures. There are probably a few more positive stories in there too ; it’s just that they […]

What Could Be Holding You Back From Employment?

Now that the worst of the recession is behind us, you may be wondering why you’re still struggling to find employment. It could all just be location and bad luck, but all of us have elements about our employability that we could work on. Here are some interviewing sins that you should try to avoid, […]

Stop waiting to be hired and hire yourself

Being pro-active when unemployed is very much advised; applying for plenty of jobs, asking companies if they have any openings and participating in internships. There is, however, one alternative that might be considered extreme, but if executed properly, very effective: starting your own business. This is a case of hiring yourself instead of waiting for […]

The battle for unemployment public relations – Diary of an employable Blogaholic

Having worked for a recruitment company for 9 years plus, you get used to telling a good tale. Post 2008, we spent 3 consecutive years telling clients that “next year seems to be looking better” and that “other clients are telling us that they will be looking to recruit again”. It can be rather tough […]

Ten Minutes with….James Reed – Chairman of Reed…

I had met with and spoken to James Reed a few times in the recent past. Having previously worked for Reed for nine years and then becoming redundant, it was not the easiest decision to contact his office to request an interview with the man himself. However, James Reed and the Reed brand are synonymous with […]

Startup of the Week – Art Pistol

We are all familiar with the traditional concept of the “starving artist “ who sacrifices all material well-being for the sake of their art. Finding a route to market and a location to showcase their work can be one of the most difficult issues that they face. One recent Glasgow School of Art graduate though has […]

Who started a business in a recession?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Wondering if the time is right, is one of the first factors that people consider. Many people assume that for a business to be truly successful, it has to be launched during prosperous and economically buoyant times. Whilst for some sectors, that can be a distinct […]

Film Review – The Company Men

Set during the financial crisis and recession, The Company Men (2010) is a good observation of the effects that company downsizing has on those that go through redundancy. ‘Observation’ is a good way to describe the feeling you get in watching this film, as you never really get to find out the inner turmoil that seems to […]


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