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Top 5 mistakes that can cost you an interview for a job…

Most people are aware that silly CV or application mistakes can cost them an interview for a job. However apart from the CV and the application form, candidates make common mistakes that can seriously cost you an interview for a job… I call them the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ mistakes, as, as much as they are […]

How to Handle Recruitment Agencies

Whether you love them or hate them, recruitment agencies still have a major role to play in the employment market and therefore if you are actively jobseeking, they shouldn’t be disregarded. Understanding what they are about, their real purpose and how they can help you is essential. These basic tips on how to handle recruitment […]

How to get a job – TheEmployable checklist…

How to get a job – that’s the question! Over the last year or so we have written many articles and found some many different resources to help you do just that and become more employable…However in saying that, sometimes you just want to find one article that lists all the resources and tips all […]

What to prepare when using a Recruitment Agency

What to prepare when using a Recruitment Agency… If you want to get something out of using a recruitment agency, you need to prepare to take some time to consider what you will also put in to the process. Working out what to prepare when using a recruitment agency, will stand you in good stead […]

5 ways to use Recruitment Agencies in your Job Search

Love them or loathe them, recruitment agencies still play an important role in the employment sector and if you are a jobseeker, they certainly shouldn’t be dismissed. Whilst the recruitment sector itself often comes in for a lot of criticism, there are still many professional recruiters out there who may be able to give you […]

Recruitment Agencies set to give birth to new TV documentary

Imagine One Born Every Minute but set in a Recruitment Agency. Having worked in recruitment for approx 9 years, it is easy to understand the link. There’s a load of pain, hard graft, blood, sweat and tears and along the way a great deal of relief and joy. I left my stint in recruitment midway […]

The Business of Specialist Recruitment Agencies

Attracting the Best Talent Having a successful business, for the multitudes of individuals who not only have the necessary skill-set, but are networked to acquire the perfect employment, is a special business technique. Simple things like advertising to attract some of the best talent for any industry to fill job quotas are taking companies to […]

Why Career Advice can suck (the life out of you)…..The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

When TheEmployable set out on this wonderful journey from redundancy, unemployment, to self-starting (slightly self-confessed) employability experts, we did not fully appreciate the lack of real career advice that was available… When I mean career advice, I mean the truth.. We have worked in the recruitment sector for a combined 14 years & to a […]


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