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Coping with Redundancy. Part 1 – Money

Sadly for many of us, redundancy and potential enforced job loss, is still very much an ongoing fear. The global economy, whilst still wavering between recession and minimal growth, gives very few people the security that their jobs are safe. Part 1 of our “Things to consider”, looks at the part of redundancy, that can […]

Coping with Redundancy – Part 3 – The ‘What Nexts’

In Part 1 of Coping with Redundancy we focused on the financial implications of redundancy, in Part 2, we looked at the issues of mindset. Now in Part 3, we look at what you need to consider once redundancy has happened – the ‘What Nexts’. After the inevitable ‘consultation’ calling, that leads to redundancy; what […]

Beat the Monday Blues….Some good news…

Thousands of businesses, still to be born, thousands of jobs still to be made, thousands of inventions, still to be found, thousands of inventors,still to be crowned, thousands of creators, still to create, thousands of ideas, still to be conceived, thousands of dreams, still to be dreamed, thousands of friendships, still to be weaved, thousands of talents, still not being […]


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